Professional Actor

Fadi Ghali - Professional Actor
Fadi Ghali as an actor in TV Series

Professional Actor

Fadi Ghali is a professional Actor who starred in front of many Egyptian stars in many known Arabic drama series and a few films throughout his career.

He basically graduated from Décor Department of Fine Arts College of Cairo in Expressive Arts Major and Scenography Minor, where Fadi had early steps of his acting career

Fadi, then pursued many acting workshops along the way with his professional acting career with his debut film

Since then, Fadi’s Professional Acting Career kept flourishing through the first decade of the second millennium. His career reached the peak when he played the lead role “Wael El-Minshawy” in “Heaven and Hell” TV Series that was Directed by Mohamed Abu Seif in 2009, and then almost stopped during the years of the revolutions years in Egypt to recap in 2018. Fadi returned to the screen in “Ekhtfaa” or “disappearance” Series starring Nelly Karim.


  • Height: 1.75 cm/ 5’8’’                Hair Color: Very Dark Brown to Black
  • Weight: 78kg/180lbs                 Eyes Color: Dark Brown
  • Playing Age Range: 25-55

Professional Actor Filmography

Cinema (long feature films)

Stolen Dreams (1998)

  •  Hosam/supporting Role   
The Full Film “Stolen Dreams”

In the name of my heart & its happiness (2000)       

  • Sameh (mentally retarded) /supporting Role
Master Scene from the Film “In the Name of My heart and its happiness

Love Game (2006) 

  • Ibrahim/Guest of honor         

Your love taught me (2005)

  • Wael/ Leading Role 
“Your Love taught me” Film

TV Series

(most important out of 23 series)

Girls’ dreams (2004)

  • Dido/Co-Starring with Donia Ghanem
Master Scene with Donia Ghanem from “Girls’ Dreams” Series

Woman from deep upper Egypt (2006)                   

  • Saad/ Co-Starring
Master Scene in “A Woman from Upper Egypt” Series
Master Scene with the Late Maaly Zayed and Magda El Khateeb

Naser (2008)

  • Lt. Ahmed Madbouly/ Co-Starring
Nasser 2008
Master Scene from Nasser

Devil’s celebrations (2009)                                     

  • Akram/ Supporting role

Heaven & hell (2009 )                                             

  • Wael el Menshawy/Leading Role
Master Scene With Youssef Shaaban and Aida Riad
Heaven And Hell (2009)

Queen in Exile (2010)  – Nazly                                            

  • Raeed Riad Ghaly/Co-Starring
Master Scene of The Discovery of the corpse of Princess Fathiya in Nazly
End of Shooting Celebration of “Nazly: Queen in Exile”
The Quest for the First Princess Fathiya in Nazly Series

Mosharafa: A Man of This Time (2011) 

  • Selim Abdel Shafi

Son of Death (2012)

  • Ashour El Prince/ Co-Starring

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