TV Journalist Marketer Actor
Fadi Ghali in US Dept. of State, Harry Truman Building, Washington, DC.

Fadi Ghali is an Egyptian Award-Winner TV Journalist, Certified Marketer and a professional Actor. He is a multi-lingual translator and a Live Host. More to add, Fadi is the public relations manager of Cairo International Film Festival. Lately, Fadi shifted career to Screenwriting and film Production. 

TV Journalist, Marketer and Professional Actor

Acknowledging his TV work in 2013, the State Department chose Fadi in 2013 in the Leadership Program for International Visitors.

As a professional Actor, Fadi Starred in front of many Egyptian stars in known TV series and films. In 2016, his broadcast career reached its peak when he hosted and live translated the First International
Conference for Suez Canal .

Fadi Ghali presenting the 1st Suez Canal Global Conference 2016
TV Journalist Marketer Actor
Fadi Ghali presenting the 1st Suez Canal Global Conference 2016

Lately, Fadi studied Marketing to pursue his career as a Certified Marketer. He was certified from Illinois and Northwestern Universities of Chicago. More to add, Fadi was also certified from Google and the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Europe).


Fadi is the elder son of Famous Film Critic Magda Maurice And the Iconic Scriptwriter, Fayez Ghali. Fadi is pursuing his screenwriting career to follow his late Iconic Father’s career path.

To produce the screenplays of his late old man, Fadi established (FGM Production) firm.

Professional Actor

Fadi Studied in French schools to become multilingual. and received his bachelor degree from the Fine Arts college of Cairo. He also won many scholarships and certificates in many fields.

Fadi made his early steps as an actor in the Theater group of his college. He followed on and received many acting workshops. Then, he pursued his professional acting career on-screen in the late nineties.

The late Iconic Dr. Mohamed El-Kaliouby directed His debut film as an actor “Stolen Dreams”. The Film dissected the roots of the Terrorism phenomen that was facing Egypt at that time.

The acting career of Fadi kept progressing from 2000 to 2009. It reached the peak playing the lead role in the TV Series “Heaven n Hell” Directed by Mohamed Abu Seif. The effects of the revolutions over Egypt were negative enough that made his career stop .

In 2018, Fadi made it back on screen in “Disappearance” TV Series starring Nelly Karim.

Screenwriter and Producer

Fadi wrote His debut film as a screenwriter Based on a treatment for his late father in 2017. The screenplay of the war film “the third day” will portray the biggest tanks battle in the 1973 war.

In the same year, Fadi established his production firm “FGM Production” to manage the screenplays of his late father .

And in 2019, he rewrote and translated of his father’s masterpiece “Jesus & the others”. He prepared the executive international version for production. The Egyptian-French Producer Director Hisham Abdel Khalek will direct the film.

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