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Fadi Ghali is An Egyptian Producer and Owner of FGM Production Company. Fadi is Co Producer and Co writer of the Film: “Jesus And The Others”.

In 2017, Fadi started his production career as a producer establishing his company “FGM Production” to manage the screenplays of his late father .


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Adding to the acting career of Fadi Ghali, he is an emerging screenwriter and he just launched his career aiming high. He is the screenwriter and the co-script writer of the film “Jesus and the Others”. His late father “Fayez Ghali” wrote The film originally.

In 2019, he rewrote and translated of his father’s masterpiece and prepared the executive international version for production. The Egyptian-French Producer Director Hisham Abdel Khalek will direct the film.

Jesus and the Others 2019

Screenwriter of The Third Day – 2020.

Fadi wrote his first feature film, the war film “The Third day”, based on the original treatment by Fayez Ghali. The film portrays the victory of the Egyptian Army in the third day of the 1973 war. Egypt won in the big battle of Tanks against Israel in a historic victory, but The story was never portrayed in cinema.

His newest film “The Pearl of Beirut” will be shot in 2021.

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